Castaways Kids Foundation Charity

Castaways Owners, Kurt Geisler and Anne Saillant made a gracias donation to Esperanza Orphanage in Rocky Point. Not only did they provide presents for each orphan, they also provided school uniforms to all 77 orphans for the 2017 year. Through the direction and recommendations of the DIF Foundation and Mayor’s wife Linda Pivac it was all made possible. Kurt Geisler said, “we had a wonderful meeting with Linda Pivac and the secretary of the DIF Foundation Imelda Zamudio Sanchez where we established what the greatest immediate needs of the Esperanza Orphanage “Casa Hogar Esperanza para los niños”. We came to the conclusion that new school uniforms for all orphans would help finances greatly. It was further discussed and they all determined that with Christmas approaching, gifts would be appreciated by all the orphans.” The Mayor sent representatives to the border to meet the owners of Castaways so the gifts could be imported without fees, thereby maximizing the benefit delivered to the orphanage. Anne states, “It was with the assistance of the mayor’s office and Linda Pivac de Munro that this was able to be accomplished.” Yusbi Burgos the Administrator for Castaways was present to deliver the gifts along with Cynthia Garcia, who manages the Castaways Kids Foundations Charity along with members of the mayor’s office.

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